Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Dr. Wherry is one of the most caring physicians I have encountered in the last 45 years. He does not rush your appointment. If your appointment is at 9 he is ready for you at 9. What a concept! He takes time with his exams and makes sure that he paraphrases. This is very important to me because this means that he listens. He asked me several questions both before and after my session. He acts as though you are his only patient.
When I went to Dr. Wherry for the first time in April 2014, I felt very doomed about the pain that I have been enduring since I had total knee replacement over 2 years ago.
What I didn’t realize at the time was that because of all those questions and his thoroughness as doctor, he recognized what turned out to be a serious issue with my back. He ordered an x-ray and at my visit the following week shared the result which was that my back required additional treatment with a neurologist. I am now being seen at the Mayo Clinic, where the neurologist was amazed that Dr. Wherry was able to recognize my issue on the first visit when so many others had missed it. He further said that his quick thinking saved me from potential back surgery.
I can’t thank Dr. Wherry enough. When I shared this with him of course he was too humble to accept the thanks and gratitude.
Posted By: Barb
Coming here has done wonders for my headaches & neck pain. I highly recommend this place! Friendly & caring...
Posted By: Doug
Always there for me and will accommodate my fluctuating schedule. Friendly...Excellent!
Posted By: Don W.
Super friendly people, they know your name., Got me walking upright again, HUGE lifesaver!, No tricks or games, very flexible appointment times
Posted By: Travis S.
I am very glad I looked around and found Sonoran Spine and Rehab! The staff is excellent and no one can beat the availability! I called around and was referred to three places before I found them online. Some of the other places only have a few hours during certain days of the week available. Sonoran Spine is open and can work with my schedule so I can rehab my back and not mess around with certain hours/appointments. The machines are great and they also help with the insurance if any problems arise. The doctors are as friendly as I’ve seen anywhere and are experienced! I highly suggest this facility and doctors!
Posted By: Tony Z.
I can't rate the facility as I was a patient of Dr. Wherry's at another location. I would and do recommend him to anyone in need of care. He truly listens and is simply a wonderful chiropractor. He has a whole bag of tricks to help. And he has a wonderful sense of humor.
Posted By: Deb
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Patient Stories

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