Work Injury Treatment

work injury phoenix azWorkers’ Compensation covers any injuries that are sustained while on the job, leaving the job site, or going to the job on work time. A work injury can also be any condition that is  aggravated or accelerated by work activities. Sonoran Spine & Rehab is equipped to help you recover from your work injury.

Under Arizona's Workers' Compensation Laws, employees injured on the job shall be provided medical treatment for their work injuries.  If your employer is not self insured, you may choose your own physician. The employer is required by state law to pay for all medically necesarry care provided to you for your work comp injury.  If need be, Sonoran Spine and Rehab can help you with all of your work injury related forms. We can also refer you to a work comp attorney to help you with your case.

In 2011, there were 96,000 work injury claims filed in the State of Arizona.  The majority of work comp injuries that resulted in missed days from work were work related lower back injuries.