Auto Injury Treatment Phoenix AZ

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 Auto accidents can take a toll on you not  only physically but emotionally as well.  If  you unfortunately are involved in a motor  vehicle accident, Sonoran Spine & Rehab is  here to help you through the process.  We  will help you with your personal injury  claim and, if need be, find a personal injury lawyer to represent you.  At Sonoran Spine & Rehab, we have rehabilitation equipment that are specifically designed to treat whiplash and other ailments secondary to motor vehicle accidents.  

The Hanoun MCU (Multi Cervical Unit) is a testing and rehabilitation device that documents whiplash injuries through strength and range of motion measurement.  This same device is used to rehabilitate the cervical spine by strengthing the muscles in the neck in various directions.  Strengthening the cervical spine after a whiplash injury is important in the recovery process.  As your strength increases in the cervical spine, your pain disporportionatly decreases.  

Approximately 2.5 million people are injured each year in car accidents.  Car accidents are classified as either low speed (under 10 mph) or high speed (over 10 mph).  During low speed car accidents, most injuries occur during the rapid acceleration/deeceleration of the occupants body during the collision.  Common low speed injuries are whiplash and sprain/strains.  These can lead to lesser known complaints in auto accidents such as headaches, loss of sleep, tmj disorders and dizziness to name a few. These symptoms can occur immediately but more often than not, they can take a day to a week or two to develop.


Signs and Symptoms that may result from an auto injury:


Back Pain
Neck Pain
Numbness or Tingling
Ringing in the Ears
Loss of Sleep
Arm/Leg Symptoms
Blurred Vision